Mar 11, 2013

Easy Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe / Baked Corn Tortilla Chip Recipe

'Easy Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe / Baked Corn Tortilla Chip Recipe' is the best snack that can be made without any efforts. Have you ever little hesitated to munch on the store bought tortilla chips, because of its calorie content and sodium content. No worries, you can adjust everything according to your taste and wish. These Corn Tortilla chips are very easy make, just cut them and pop them into the oven..that's it, they are done. They are very firm, crispier, tastier, crunchier.


Corn tortillas are the flat bread made with maize(corn) flour. Today I made these chips from the store bought ready made tortillas. Tangy tomato salsa dip makes these tortilla chips even more interesting. I will come up with the recipe to make corn tortillas from the scratch in another occasion. But today is lazy sunday, let go with the easiest version.

Easy Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe / Baked Corn Tortilla Chip Recipe

Prep time : 3 min
Cooking time : 12 min
Yeild : Serves 2

5 Corn Tortillas
Salt to taste
Cooking oil spray

How to make:
cut tortillas into six wedges
I bought yellow corn tortillas, you can go with any version of ready made tortillas. Mixing with spinach tortillas add little drama to the dish. Just cut tortillas into six wedges, triangles with the scissors. You can also go with any other shapes like squares, strips..Arrange them in the aluminium foiled or greased tray. Make sure not to overlap it.

Sprinkle salt and spray cooking oil
Sprinkle salt and spray cooking oil, flip it over and again sprinkle salt and spray oil. Pop them into the preheated oven with 350 degrees. Bake them for about 10-14 min, by flipping them once in between. Keep an eye on it, as it should not get burned.

Let them cool and bring the Baked Tortilla Chips down to the room temperature
Let them cool and bring it down to the room temperature. Then it becomes even more crispier. Serve it with tansy salsa, hummus, fresh salad, mayo, ranch.

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Tips and Variations:
1.If you are preparing in lots, bake one tray at a time.
2.Any type tortillas can be used.
3.baking time varies from oven to check and adjust to your oven settings.


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