Aug 28, 2013

Ammini Kozhukattai / Steamed Rice Balls

As 'Vinayakar Chathurthi' is nearing, I think this is the ideal time for posting this recipe. Varied varieties of Kozhukattai will be prepared on this festive occasion. 'Kozhukattai' refers to steamed rice flour dishes.


'Ammini Kozhukattai' is first most one I make on this occasion. As this not only easy but also an eye catcher because of its spherical sponge like structure. Which attracts everyone from the kids to the adults.

My mom usually process the rice flour at home. Another question arises here, how to process rice flour at home? First step, wash and clean rice. Secondly, Let them air dry in the shady area by spreading them evenly in a cloth. Once it dried, grind them to fine powder in the commercial Rice Grinding Mill.

But alternatively, we can also use store bought 'Idiyappam Powder' or 'Rice Flour'. If it is Idiyappam flour, skip the first step and proceed to the next step. If it is regular 'Rice Flour', we need to process it by slightly sauteing without oil.

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Ammini Kozhukattai / Steamed Rice Balls


Prep time :  10 min

Cooking time :  8 min
Yeild : Serves 4

2 Cups of Rice Flour / Idiyappam Flour
3 Cups of Boiling Water
1 tsp of Salt

Ingredients For Seasoning:
1 tsp of Cooking Oil
1 tsp of Mustard Seeds
1 tsp of Black Gram
1 Stalk of Curry Leaves

How to Make:
1. If you have Rice flour, fry the flour in a pan without oil in the medium heat by stirring continuously. Make sure flour should remain white in color till it reaches the sand consistency and keep aside.

2. If it is 'Idiyappam Flour', you can start from here. Bring 3 cups of water to boil and add salt.

3. Mix the boiling water to the flour in 3-4 times by mixing them continuously. Try to make small ball out of the flour, if it is sticky add little flour. If the ball brittles add little boiling water to form a thick smooth paste.

4. Make small spherical balls, You can also engage your kiddos, definitely they will enjoy doing this job.

5. Steam these balls in the steamer /  Idli pot for about 7-10 min or until the rice balls gets cooked completely.

6. In a pan add a tsp of oil, add mustard, black gram, curry leaves and wait till they splutter. Then add the steamed rice balls  and saute it for a minute.

final product
Serve this Steamed Rice Balls as a breakfast or as a snack in the evening.  It does not requires any side dish.

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Tips and Variations:
Make different shapes and sizes to attract the kids.
This kozhukkattai need not to be seasoned, it can be served as it is along with a big piece of fresh coconut. 


  1. Looks really delicious and yummy.

  2. That is a simple and tasty dish. Love the presentation.

  3. Lovely presentation... interesting recipe..

  4. super delicious cute kozhukatai's :) and awesome presentation dear !!

  5. wow so cute ammini kozhukattis n love the peacock color....:-)

  6. delicious and cute little ammini kozhukattai, lovely...

  7. It looks delicious !!!
    could you tell me if it's glutinous rice flour or regular rice flour ? Thanks !!!

  8. Thanks and this recipe requires regular rice flour, but glutinous rice flour can be used in its absence. But the texture of the rice balls could turn to little chewy.

  9. Thank you ! i have both. I will try it this we !!!


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