Feb 5, 2014

A Tribute to my Mother-in-law

Till last month(january 2014), she was living with us. She passed away peacefully in middle of her sleep with very satisfied face.

She handles everything with a brave and has an ability to tackle them like an expert. She has best dressing sense and one of the best dressed women in our family. She presents herself more efficiently and confidently.  Its true, that dressing makes one become more confident in their attitude.

She had immense and unconditional love towards her children, including me. She loved all her grand children equally to the core. She also had a special love towards chocolates and plants. We, myself and my Mother-in-law go around the home to see each plants and speaks a lot, topics are not necessary for this conversations, it roams about the neighbors, servant maids, relations, my son's school mates, their stories..it goes on and on and on.

She is a excellent non-vegetarian cook. If she makes mutton Biryani, our entire family would be eagerly waiting for the feast. She interestingly prepares Biryani like an elaborated ceremony. Early in the morning, she wakes my father in law to go to the market to buy fresh mutton(goat meat).  And we start the prep work, like garlic peeling, cleaning mint leaves. She tries to engage everyone in the preparation, and I think that's the secret of lovable delicious Biryani.

She is known for her spicier food and have a correct balance of uppu, puli, melaga(salt, tamarind and chilies) which is the basic of Tamil cuisine.

She was a good cook for a long list menu, but I am an addict to her Tomato Rasam, I have already mentioned this in my earlier post. I learnt a lot about cooking from her. Whenever I was in kitchen, she always pulls a chair and speaks a lot about everything including the past stories.

I try to typecast her not only in my cooking and also the way she approaches this practical world. She was more than a Mother-in-law for me, and she was the sole reason for where I am now.

She always speaks positive things about our future, We strongly believe that she is somewhere here like a God and lays positive steps before us to step forward.


  1. Ur mother in law ws a very gracious lady...I can understand ur feelings..my grandma also passed away last feb. nd even nw v miss her ..and that's life!

  2. Hugs Suja.. I am sorry to hear about your loss. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. Sad to hear dear... I wanted to write to u the other day but then... may her soul rest in peace... u r lucky to have had a mother-in-law who treated u like a daughter... please do take care of urself and your family... God bless!

  4. I am sorry to hear about ur MIL loss sis... You are so lucky to have her as MIL.. May her soul rest in peace..As u said she will be around you like god....

  5. Soory to know the loss, But happy to know that u had such a loving lady as your MIL.. May she rest in Peace

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss, I was deeply saddened by the news of Mother passing. My heart felt condolences to you and Murali sir. -

  7. Sorry to hear about ur MIL passing away. May her soul rest in peace and may god give enough strength for your whole family especially your husband during this hard time.

  8. So sorry to hear this. May her soul rest in peace and may God give you and the family the strength to go through the hard times.

  9. May her soul rest in peace.


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