Mar 1, 2014

Maavathal Kuzhambu- Sun dried mango Curry

This tangier Dry mango kuzhambu could be your rescue recipe when you runs out of vegetables and still you require to make vegeterian menu. An best substitute for your regular eveyday South Indian cooking.

Maavathal Kuzhambu- Sun dried mango Curry

Summer months need not to be cursed for it very hot temperature as it also brings precious mangoes along with it. As my parents have mango trees in our home, my mom starts pickling as soon as the mango season starts, from the baby ones to the dried versions. We pickle some lots of mangoes, some of them will get distributed among our friends and relatives, some we leave them in the tree to get ripen mangoes and the rest will made into sun dried.

For sun drying, mangoes are cut into slabs, soaked in salt and sun dried till they become crisp. These can be stored for the rest of the year. I went with the store bought sun dried mangoes, till they provide best results and I'm quiet happy with this.

Store bought sun dried mangoes may have more salt content, so soak it in warm water for about 10 minutes, to remove excess salt. Since it is already processed, it can be added to the kuzhambu at final stage of processing.

Maavathal Kuzhambu- Sun dried mango Curry

Maavathal Kuzhambu- Sun dried mango Curry

Prep time :  10 min,
Cooking time :  15 min,
Yeild : Serves 4
Author : 

1 cup/a handful of Sun dried mangoes/maavathal
1 lemon size of Tamarind
1 of onion
1 of Tomato
1 pod of Garlic
2 tbsp of Cooking oil
1 tsp of Mustard
1 tsp of Urad dal
1 tsp of Cumin Seeds
1½ tsp or as required of Salt

How to make:
Maavathal Kuzhambu steps and procedures
1. Soak sun dried mangoes for 10 minutes, remove excess salt and keep aside. Chop onion and tomatoes. Soak tamarind and extract juice and keep aside. Peel garlic and keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard, urad dal, cumin seeds and wait for the mustard to get splutter. Then add onion and saute till it becomes soft and tender.

Maavathal Kuzhambu steps and procedures
3. Then add tomatoes, add garlic and saute further.

Maavathal Kuzhambu steps and procedures
4. When tomatoes turn mushy, add chili powder and coriander powder and in medium flame cook for a minute.

Maavathal Kuzhambu steps and procedures
5. Then add extracted tamarind, water and salt. Bring this mixture to boil. Once the kuzhambu stops leaving out raw smell, and add soaked sun dried mangoes which have cut into desired sizes.
6. Allow the kuzhambu to cook for another 5 minutes in simmer flame or until it thickens. Serve hot with rice.

Maavathal Kuzhambu- Sun dried mango Curry

Tips and Variations:
Maavathal usually can be stored upto a year, make sure you are storing it in air tight container.

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