Mar 24, 2014

South Indian Style Lemon Pickle

This South Indian style Lemon pickle is hot, spicy, tangy stays good up to a months time. This recipe is perfect for thick skinned lemons, which is available in western countries.

South Indian Style Lemon Pickle

I cannot of imagine a day without pickles in my life. If no sides are available for breakfast or dinner, I can happily have anything along with spoon full of pickles. If I can have pickles for breakfast and dinner, imagine how it could be for lunch. Everyone will make fun of me that I have pickles even for Biryani. No worries at all, my food and pickles are inseparable always.

I usually make pickles in small batches, I felt this way pickle are fresh and tasty. I find this recipe very simple and I love and repeat this recipe again and again. My mom also makes pickles this way. I usually store this for 3-4 weeks and then I go for another verity of pickles.

When you making any pickles, please always go in for dry cutting boards, knifes, containers, spoons etc. This increase the life of pickles. For cleaning the lemon, wash and pat dry with tissue paper.

South Indian Style Lemon Pickle

South Indian Style Lemon Pickle

Prep time :  10 min,
Cooking time :  20 min,
Author : 

Lemon - 6
Salt  - 2-3 tbsp
Cooking Oil  - 1/4 Cup(preferably gingelly oil)
Home make Pickle Powder  - 2 tbsp
Mustard Seeds  - 1 tbsp
Asafoetida  - 1/2 tsp

How to make:
Lemon Pickle steps and procedures
1. Here we have 4 lemons so, cut 4 lemons into small bite size pieces. And Squeeze 2 lemon. Pour the squeezed lemon juice over the lemon pieces. Using wooden ladle, very gently mash lemon pieces, so that the lemon juice slightly oozes out, but the pulp should be intact with the skin, like in this picture.

Lemon Pickle steps and procedures
2. Add salt. Mix them well and store in air tight container. Twice a day, gently toss and mix them.

Lemon Pickle steps and procedures
3. After 5 days the skin of the lemon should be soft and moist.

Lemon Pickle steps and procedures
4. Heat oil in the pan, add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Add asafoetida to sizzle in the oil. Then add lemon along with its juice and home made pickle powder. Add 1/4th cup of water bring it to boil in the medium to low flame for about 2-3 minutes. Adjust the salt here. Do not over boil as it may turn mushy and bitter. Switch off the stove and add 1/6 cup of vinegar. Allow it to cool and transfer it to the air tight container.

5. This recipe of lemon pickle stays good for 3-4 weeks in the room temperature. I have not tested beyond this period as it gets vanishes before that time.

South Indian Style Lemon Pickle

Tips and Variations:
1. You can also use store bought pickle powder instead of the home made powder. Or for quick pickle recipe just add chili powder.
2. Store them in the narrow mouthed jar.
3. Make sure that oil floats on the top, as it acts like a preservative.
4. While serving scoop out just the lime by leaving behind the oil in the jar.

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