Beetroot Juice

Try Beetroot Juice with carrots and cucumber. It's healthy and helps your brain and blood pressure. A tasty way to be healthy!

1 beetroot,  2 carrots,  1 cucumber,  4 tablespoons sugar,  2 cups water


Wash and clean beet, carrot, and cucumber. Peel them and chop off the head and tail. Cut them into small cubes. In a blender, add beet, carrot, cucumber pieces along with sugar and water.



Grind the vegetables until they are completely mashed up. Use a strainer to filter clear, pure juice. Adjust sugar and water at this stage to your preference. You can choose a thicker consistency by adding less water.



Add ice cubes to serving glasses. Pour the beet juice into the glasses and serve cold. Enjoy this refreshing beetroot juice as a mid-day meal or energy booster.



Experiment with other vegetables like celery or tomato. Try a salty version with lemon juice and salt. Don't discard the fiber; use it as a thickening agent for patties or blend until smooth and add milk for a smoothie.



Adjust the quantity of sugar according to the natural sweetness of the beets. Try adding other vegetables like celery, tomato, or coriander/parsley leaves for different flavors. If you wish not to discard the fiber, grind until smooth and add milk/water to make a smoothie.

Serve beetroot juice as a refreshing drink during the daytime or as a mid-day meal. Pair with light snacks or finger foods for a balanced and energizing treat. Enjoy as a standalone beverage, perfect for sipping between work or activities.

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