Mango milkshake

Love mango? Try this Mango Milkshake. It's creamy, tasty, and healthy. A great way to enjoy India's favorite fruit!

¼ can mango pulp,  2 cups almond milk,  4 tablespoons sugar (or as required),  1 cup ice cubes,  2 tablespoons vanilla ice cream (optional)


In a blender, add mango pulp, almond milk, sugar, ice cubes, and ice cream. Whisk well until they blend into a smooth, silky drink. Adjust sugar and milk to your taste.



According to the thickness you prefer, make adjustments. The mango pulp provides natural sweetness, but you can add extra sugar if desired. Blend until perfectly smooth.



Add ice cubes and serve the mango milkshake chilled. For a richer and creamier texture, consider adding a scoop of ice cream. No need for artificial colors or flavors.



If planning for a party, make and store in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Enjoy the vibrant color and flavor of mango in this delightful milkshake. Perfect for any occasion.



TIPS  Use canned mango pulp if fresh mangoes are not available., Adjust sugar according to your preference, as mango pulp is already sweet., Add a scoop of ice cream for a richer and creamier texture., Avoid artificial colors or flavors, as mango provides natural richness.

Mango Milkshake is a standalone beverage, perfect for a summer afternoon., Serve as a dessert drink after a spicy Indian meal., Pair with light snacks like samosas or finger sandwiches for a delightful combination.

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