Salmon stuffed peppers

This honey Sriracha sauce recipe combines the perfect balance of spicy and sweet flavors, with a hint of tanginess. Use it as a dip for chicken wings or drizzle it over your favorite salad for an extra kick of flavor.

- 3 bell peppers - 2 tablespoons vegetable oil - 1 cup zucchini, roughly chopped - 1 cup salmon, roughly chopped - 1 ½ cups brown rice, cooked - ½ teaspoon salt - 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes - ¼ cup sharp cheddar cheese


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Chop zucchini, salmon, and cut peppers in half and remove the core.



Boil water and blanch the peppers for 2-3 minutes. Remove and place in tray.



In a pan, sauté zucchini until soft, then add salmon, salt, red pepper flakes, rice, and tomato. Cook until mixture thickens.



Stuff the peppers with the salmon mixture, sprinkle cheese on top, and bake for 8 minutes until cheese is melted.



1. Properly chop the bell peppers and zucchini into evenly-sized pieces to ensure they cook evenly and at the same rate, resulting in a uniform texture and flavor. 2. Before adding the cooked brown rice, make sure it has cooled down slightly. Adding hot rice to the other ingredients can cause them to lose their freshness and texture.

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