Jul 31, 2013

Pineapple Rasam-charu-Indian Soup

'Rasam' plays a phenomenal part in South Indian meal. Rasam literally means the 'extracted juice'. Ideally Rasam will be prepared with tamarind extract, the important identity of Rasam is, it has to be tangier with a hint of pepper, garlic and cumin. Generally a South Indian meal starts with 'Sambar'-a soup prepared with lentils and vegetable, then this 'Rasam' and followed by Curd/Yogurt along with steamed rice.

Pineapple Rasam| charu, Indian Soup

Our family always have 'Rasam' for our lunch almost everyday. Rasam, steamed rice with any non vegetarian gravy is the best combo for a lip smacking lunch. Summer brings all vibrant fruits, into our home. So before the summer ends, wish to try out all these seasonal fruits and veggie recipes.

It is better to always stick with fresh pineapples for Pineapple rasam recipe, and canned pineapples are big No-Nos. Adding chopped pineapple will not bring out all the flavors of pineapple, so we divide pineapple into two portions. Half portion ensures its flavors and other part takes responsibility for its crunchy texture.

For this recipe, pineapples and tomatoes will bring out the all tanginess to the Rasam. Determining the quantity of pineapple and tomato also depends on the sourness of pineapple and tomato. So adjust them accordingly.

Pineapple Rasam| charu, Indian Soup

Pineapple Rasam| charu, Indian Soup

Pineapple Rasam| charu, Indian Soup

Prep time :  5 min,
Cooking time :  4 min,
Yeild : Serves 4
Author : 

1/2 Cup Cooked and mashed Toor Dhal
1 tbsp Rasam powder
1 tsp of Turmeric Powder
1 Cup of Chopped Pineapple
1 Tomato
2 Cloves of Garlic
1 Stalk of Coriander Leaves
1 Stalk of Curry Leaves
3 Cups of Water
Salt to taste

Ingredients for seasoning:
1 tsp of Mustard
1 tsp of Cumin Seeds
1 tsp of Asafoetida
1 tsp of Cooking Oil

How to Make:
Pineapple Rasam steps and procedures
1. Wash and prep all the ingredients and divide pineapple into two equal portions.

Pineapple Rasam steps and procedures
2. With the mixer, grind a portion of chopped pineapple and extract its juice with the help of the strainer.

Pineapple Rasam steps and procedures
3. In a mixing bowl, add 3 cups of water, cooked and mashed toor dal, chopped tomatoes, curry leaves, coriander leaves, extracted pineapple juice, chopped pineapple chunks, rasam powder, turmeric powder and salt to taste.

Pineapple Rasam steps and procedures
4. For seasoning, heat the pan, add 1 tsp of oil, add mustard, cumin and asafoetida, wait till mustard gets splutter. Add this to the rasam mixer.

5. Bring Pineapple rasam mixer over the stove on high flame. When bubble starts appearing in the middle, it is the time to switch of the stove. Rasam should neither boiled nor under cooked. So please keep an eye, and wait for the ingredients starts floating on the top.

Pineapple Rasam| charu, Indian Soup

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as a soup before the meals. Or as stew along with rice.
This rasam is best to be pairs up Beans PoriyalBeetroot Stirfry.

Tips and Variations:
This same recipe can be used with out adding pineapple also.


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