May 14, 2014

Raddish Chutney-Mullangi Chutney

Got little late from the bed? Virtually our head loaded with tons of question mark. The questions varies from rock to bottom. Some kitchen related queries can menu for the breakfast, the menu for the lunch box. Tensions related to framing the menu to that day, can be made easier by deciding it earlier, before the day. Planning makes you tackle everything with the smiling face. Likewise, this Radish Chutney may sound unfamiliar, makes you postpone every time. But planning ahead, making this recipe is as easy as walking on the cake.

Raddish Chutney / Mullangi Chutney

Mostly in South Indian homes, whatever may be the quantity, the entire radish would go straight away to sambar. I never seen my mom handles radish other than sambar. Though mullangi sambar tastes haven, regular usage can lead to boredom.

This radish chutney is easier to make, and I bet, no one can imagine the main ingredient. Since it is made out of just vegetable, guilt free gulping is possible.

Raddish Chutney / Mullangi Chutney

Raddish Chutney / Mullangi Chutney

Prep time : 3 min,
Cooking time : 5 min,
Yeild : Serves 4
Author : 

1 Radish/Mullangi
A small ball of Tamarind
2 tsp of Urad Dal
1 tsp Of Mustard
1 tsp of Cooking Oil
2 Red Chilies
A sprig of Curry Leaf
½ tsp of salt or as required

How to make:
Raddish Chutney steps and procedures
1. Wash and clean radish. Peel the skin with peeler. Chop them into small sized cubes, which makes them easily gets cooked while sauteing. Assemble other ingredients in a plate. Remove husk or seed of the tamarind(If you are going with tamarind extract, no worrying of removing the seeds and the husks).

Raddish Chutney steps and procedures
2. In a frying pan, add a tsp of cooking oil followed by urad dal, asafoetida and red chilies.

Raddish Chutney steps and procedures
3. Once the red chilies and urad dal turned golden brown, add chopped radish and continue to saute. Remove the frying pan from the fire, once the radish becomes softer and cooked inside.
4. Keep aside and allow them to return to the room temperature. Once cooled down, transfer them to the mixer jar, add salt and grind to form a smooth paste. Top it with mustard tempering. For tempering, add a tsp of oil, followed by mustard, urad dal and curry leaves. Allow mustard to splutter and add it to the radish chutney.

Raddish Chutney / Mullangi Chutney

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as a side dish for South Indian breakfast dishes like, Idlies, Dosai, appam, Idiyappam and it tastes good with roti as well.

Tips and Variations:
Tempering with mustard is optional.
Substituting tamarind with ready made tamarind extract can also be done.


  1. very healthy and tasty chutney.. Nice step by step clicks.

  2. Surely new Chutney for me, love this one.

  3. that's a lovely chutney... must try next time i make some idlis...

  4. I can happily have this chutney with those spongy idlies,drooling.

  5. very nice recipe, luv the peppery radish taste.


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