Vegetarian Stramboli Recipe Homemade, from the scratch

Wish to make Stromboli at home? then it definitely means, you are looking for a recipe to substitute your calorie loaded restaurant's Stromboli. These are the vegetarian version of Stromboli, cuts down cheese and substitutes with lower calorie cottage cheese. The good part is that it does not compromise on the taste as well.

Vegetarian Stramboli Recipe Homemade, from the scratch, method

Chinese Vegetarian Wonton with Tofu(steamed Dumblings)

"Wonton" belongs to Chinese cuisine! Thanks to globalization as nowadays, these Chinese vegetarian tofu wontons are available every nook and corner of the world by customizing according to their region. This is the vegetarian version of wonton filled with tofu and cabbage. The main ingredient Tofu is responsible for the healthy factor for the recipe whereas cabbage takes care of its excellent texture .

Easy recipe for Mint Pulav / Pudhina Rice

Mint Rice, is very flavorful lunch box recipe perfect for the common cold days. I strongly believe in the concept of  "Food is the medicine and medicine is the food". Traditional Indian cuisines recipes are strictly following this fact. But the modern generations ignores this for their own reasons.
Easy recipe for Mint Pulav / Pudhina Rice recipe

Cauliflower Golden Fry, snacking recipe

The term "Summer vocation" is equal to lots of games with lots and lots of kids snacks at home. My home is not too far from this golden rules. The perfect kids snack should be appealing to the eyes, and should be tastier to the tongue. If it is crispy, then it  is a value added bonus to the dish. This recipe for golden fried cauliflower comprises all these ethnic values.

Hot n Spicy Baby Potato Fry Recipe

Searching for some unique recipe yet simple for your lunch? Try these cute looking, hot and spicy baby potato fry. This recipe yields really really spicier potatoes, so beware before proceeding. If you hnagingout for more spicier food like me, you are good and you have perfectly landed here in the right place.

Hot n Spicy Baby Potato Fry Recipe

Karasev, Karachev-easy snacking recipe

Summer time means more travelling and much much more snacks. Planning the travelling is a hectic task including sorting out the destinations, choosing the accommodations, selecting vehicles hugh...All these hectic head aches could easily turned down to cheirshable moments if it accompanied with close to heart snacks.

These Karasev is one such snack recipe, soothes everyone's munching time. These are crunchy, crispy, hugely addictive snacks. You believe me, once you pick and taste the first one, you cannot keep your hand away from it.

Karasev, Karachev-easy snacking recipe